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In 2001, I substitute taught in the Clayton School District. My very first week, I was subbing for the music teacher at an elementary school. I had the kindergarteners in class, and to help them remember my last name, I taught them a simple mnemonic device:

"Think of a haystack, and then think of a little flea. Put them together, and you've got Hay-Flea. And that's me: Mr. Haefele!" (As you can see by the exclamation point, I said this in an excited manner to solidify the association)

I got placed at the junior high and high school for about the next week, so I didn't make it back to that school for almost two weeks. When I did get called back, part of my day was spent assigned to lunch room duty. So there I was, watching six-year-olds negotiating lunch trades, when, unbeknownst to me, one of my favorite kindergarteners had come up and was standing next to me. I was startled by a firm tug on my pant leg, accompanied by a high-pitched, "Mr. Fleastack! Mr. Fleastack!".

Thanks to Morris for giving me a great memory.

Also, thanks to Zach Kettler for logo creation.
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