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Monday, July 19th, 2004

I’m Feeling: Content
I’m Listening To: Steve Martin concert, then The CranberriesEveryone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?

It’s been a busy few weeks lately. Mostly, I’ve been working, but I’ve also been entertained a lot lately.

It amazes me the way some things can affect you. I don’t get it. I watched Braveheart on TV the other day. What an absolutely amazing film. It’s one of the few movies that can make me cry. Awesome.

We went with Hannah’s folks and family to the St. Charles fireworks display on the Fourth. It was a fantastic show. I decided once and for all that I could pretty much go for an entire show of just percussion shells with a few longer, more colorful bursts thrown in just to keep people from getting strobe-seizures.

I don’t like Cats. Not cats, as in the pets (although I’m much more a dog person), but Cats, as in Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s rock opera/ballet. While a lot of the music was decent, there was something I wasn’t getting. I think the thing I wasn’t getting was most of the point of the whole thing. I understood that there were Cats, and that they all had interesting, unique names (three of them, in fact), and that there is one really big, old, hairy cat that pretty much does nothing and is revered by the younger cats for it (in that respect he reminds me a little of the older Don Corleone), and that he chooses one cat to go to the Heaviside and be reborn as a new cat, which you apparently never get to see, despite the drama and enthusiasm with which they send her up the Heaven escalator.

Here’s my theory on why I really didn’t like Cats: I think it’s pretty much artistic just for the sake of being “artistic.” And I really don’t like feeling like if I don’t like it, or don’t really follow the story of a bunch of cats singing and dancing, that it’s because I’m somehow artistically stupid. I feel like the theatre community sometimes plays this game where things are considered art, and if you don’t “get it,” well you’re just some sort of art moron. I suppose I am not such a purist that I call things like that art, any more than I would the blank-page-making-a-statement-about-our-emptiness “art”, or the Virgin Mary with feces or whatever on her “art”. There has to be a line we draw where we say, “I’m going to be creative, I’m going to be artistic, and I’m going to do something that appeals in a unique, but somewhat direct way to my audience.” Feces doesn’t do that. I’d like to consider myself at the very least creative, if not artistic, and I still didn’t get Cats. My apologies to the theatre crowd. To say the least, I’m glad it was one of the shows that just simply came with our season tickets to the Muny, and not something I shelled out three hundred bucks to see on Broadway. That would’ve been a pretty big let-down.

On a lighter note, I went to the They Might Be Giants show this past Wednesday. It was excellent. They rocked the house, and the opening acts weren’t too shabby, either. It was the fourth of their shows I’ve seen, and while not the best, it was worth the ticket price ($20). Apparently, Danny went and saw them the next night in Columbia, and didn’t care for the opener. But, to each his own. If you’d like a little more info, check out Corn Mo and Common Rotation. Corn Mo is funny but a bit raunchy. Common Rotation is a much better group musically, raunchier than Corn Mo (in their talking, not in their music), and not quite as funny.

Finally, tonight we went and saw Annie in week 3 of our Muny tickets. Why is it that every musical tends to have one “stand-out” song, and it always seems to be the least-well-constructed, or at least most annoying, song of the entire show? I liked the play tonight, and liked most of the music, but still hate the song “Tomorrow”. Other similar shows are Cats (“Memory”) and Meet Me In St. Louis (title song). Oh, well; that should about do it for me.