Ian Checks Out the Park

I’m Feeling: Optimistic
I’m Listening To: Curling match (men’s – Finland vs. Sweden)

We recently took Ian on his first-ever outing to the park. Okay, this isn’t strictly true. He’s been to the park with us before, but he was so young he pretty much lay there like a slug. This was his first time to go when he could enjoy it at all.
Hannah and I walked for a bit when we first got there, and when Hannah’s brothers got there, I started playing frisbee with them, while she kept walking with him. It was also the first time he’s been to the park where he’s been big enough to sit upright in his stroller, and doesn’t have to be strapped into his car seat. That’s a big plus for him… he used to have only two choices of what to look at: Hannah (or me), or the sky.
We figured we’d try the playground, and were pleasantly surprised that, even at eight months, he enjoys at least some of what it has to offer. He took to the swings especially.

We tried going down the slide with him, but we’re both too heavy for gravity to overcome that pesky old friction, as demonstrated by the following diagram:

So that may have to wait a little while so he can appreciate it for himself. All the same, good times. I can’t wait until he starts running around, and doing things like monkey bars, slides, etc. In the meantime, I’m content with him liking the swings. :-)

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