Curling: It’s in the House

I’m Feeling: Happy
I’m Listening To: Olympic men’s figure skating finals program music

I dig the Olympics. I especially like the Winter Games, because they have a greater percentage of sports I like watching. In the summer, I could really care less about most of the track and field stuff, which is odd, because I really enjoy watching the winter equivalents, like short track speed skating.
The breakout hit for me, though, has got to be Curling. This sport is awesome. Some would argue that it’s not a sport. I could potentially agree with them. It is much more of a “game” in the same tradition as, say, bowling (which I also like, although it’s still not an Olympic event :-) ).
I am pretty much hooked on the curling. I have ultra-basic cable, which means networks plus TBS, USA, and FX. The beauty is that USA is the channel NBC has chosen to show most of their curling coverage. The only bittersweet fact is that the matches are shown live. Which is great, because in the Salt Lake games, they only showed highlights, no matter which channel you watched. So it’s awesome when they’re shown live, because there’s no chance that they’ll cut away, because there’s nothing else really going on in the earlier parts of the day. The down-side is that since the games are earlier in the day in Italy, they’re at like 5:00 in the morning here.
The best part about all of it is that I have a really flexible work schedule. This has led to two 10:30am starts this week, as I have spent extended breakfast hours in front of the TV, enjoying the last 5 ends or so from each match.
If you haven’t checked it out, watch it, or have someone tape it for you. It’s sweet.

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