God Gives Me the Gift of Time

I’m Feeling: Rejuvenated
I’m Listening To: They Might Be Giants – Tracks 1-8 from Mink Car

Last night, I got home after Hannah had already left for her small group. This was great, because it meant that I had about three hours of whatever-I-want time, which is good for everybody, I think.
I enjoyed the two new episodes of Scrubs, and then played my guitar for an hour. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to play for so long, uninterrupted.
It was really great… I was able to just sit there sideways on my couch, in my basement, no phone ringing, no laptop, guitar in hand, worship binder on the couch in front of me, playing and singing to God. Fun stuff. God’s really been working on my heart lately. I can feel Him pulling me back into Himself, getting me back to a level of understanding and maturity from which I’ve been steadily declining over the last year or two. He’s blessed my hands, too; songs I had trouble playing two years ago are a breeze now. That’s a pretty good feeling.
Here’s to hoping that I don’t stop there, but keep growing beyond anything I’ve ever known before (I’m talking spiritually now). I’m looking forward to small group tonight.

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