I’m a Bad Father!

I’m Feeling: Awesome
I’m Listening To: Scrubs

We took Ian out for his first Halloween last week, and he had a blast. And so did we… I say I’m a good father because the evening was a success. Ian did well, and we got plenty of candy. The Saturday before, we went to a local farm’s pumpkin patch. That, too, was a good time. Ian really liked the hayride, although, he wasn’t really old enough to appreciate most of the stuff they had set up (touch tunnels, tire swings, etc.

After Trick-or-Treating, we came back to my mom’s house and were hanging out. Ian decided that he really wanted some of Grandpa’s Oreos, and Grandpa obliged.

Here’s our little stoner baby, getting his post trick-or-treat case of the munchies. This picture was why I felt like a good father… he had so much fun and was so worn out from the walk, he was just this tired when we were through.

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