Exciting News…

I’m Feeling: Awesome
I’m Listening To: Church Sermon

   I’m sitting here in the sound booth at church, admittedly not really paying attention… in my defense, I typically pay my close attention during the second service. Anyway, as I sit here, brain poised to put the emergency brake on any unexpected feedback, it occurs to me that I have not recently posted anything here. More importantly, I’ve been sitting on news for a week that I’ve been wanting to post.
   The news is that Hannah and I are once again expecting. We’re pretty excited… she’s about six weeks along. If we’re not mistaken, her due date is within a week on either side of Ian’s 2nd birthday. So that will be interesting. A fun birthday present for Ian this year, a crappy birthday-attention-usurper for the rest of his life.
   In case you were wondering, I don’t know what this means for our “family planning”. I know this is fairly soon for our second, and that this would put us on pace for about 15 kids before we’re no longer able. While many have asked if we’re going to go to try for a big family (especially knowing that Hannah is one of 10 kids), the jury is still out on that. I’ve never really been a “full quiver” kind of guy, but we’re just waiting to see where God takes it.

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