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No More Comments… :-(

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
   In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve disabled the commenting here. Not my preference, I promise. The spam just got to be too much. It was really aggravating. So, I might try any one of a bunch of different things, one of which will be to switch the blog software I use from Nucleus to another with a better spam blocker.

I Don’t Update Enough

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

I’m Feeling: New-Yearsy
I’m Listening To: Nickel CreekNickel Creek

I’m not going to do anything as stupid and doomed-to-failure as making a Resolution to update this more often, but I would like to at least pretend to try. For the extremely small handful that pay any attention to this, I apologize.
It occurs to me that this blog may be a little misleading as to my musical/entertainment tastes and the diversity of those tastes. Looking back, it seems like about 75% of my posts mention me watching or listening to Scrubs or Nickel Creek, respectively. I think this is for one of two reasons:

  1. I often post in the evening after Ian goes to bed, which is when WGN shows two back-to-back episodes. Not that I don’t love the show… I think it’s one of the three funniest things on television right now, contending with My Name Is Earl and Antiques Roadshow. Incidentally, I liked the new host of the Roadshow (Mark L. Walberg) when he was on the now-defunct game show Russian Roulette, though he doesn’t have quite the same freedom on PBS as he did then.
  2. I write posts a lot in the morning before I really get going at work, or during my lunch break. Since my laptop has nowhere near the capacity that my home machine does, my selection is pretty limited at work. Also, Nickel Creek works well as in-office music.
Anyway, we had a good Christmas and New Year’s. I’ll try to write more on that soon. The thing I wanted to focus on now was the fact that, while I like real Christmas trees (perhaps I’ll get pictures from the hunt up soon), I always have a sneaking feeling of regret when the holiday is over, and we kind of give up on the tree. This year, we had intended to take everything down on Friday, the 5th. As a result, we stopped watering the thing on the 3rd, so the remaining water would be drawn into the trunk, and we wouldn’t have to be as careful about sloshing water everywhere when we moved the tree to undecorate it.
My least favorite thing about good intentions is that I’m so categorically bad at making good on them. The tree sat until last night (the 9th), so it had a full week without any water at all. It was, shall we say, brittle? Taking it down was interesting. I moved the tree onto a sheet, where we took off the beads, ornaments, and lights. When we got done, it looked like this:

It was pretty bad. The floor was absolutely covered. Ian had an interesting night… he had soiled his pajama bottoms, so we took them off of him, he was walking around the needle-covered floor, so I put his cool new Spider-Man slippers on him, and he found the hat he got for Christmas, so Hannah put that on him. He then looked at me, and said one of his new words: Cheese. So, I snapped a shot. He reminds me just a little of Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation

I really do hope to write more soon. Thanks for hanging in there, if you have.