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Crazy Times

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Decent
I’m Listening To: Psych on TV

My work has been insane the last few weeks. We’ve been in the process of updating, expanding, and improving our office, plus we’ve been changing out the laptops of 85 of our staff. All of this and the two guys with whom I work most closely have both been on vacation this week, so it’s been even more hectic. The perk of all of this (eat your heart out, Danny, if you read this) is that I now get to do my work on a 3-day old MacBook. This thing is stinkin’ awesome. Good times.
In other news, Ian is still awesome. He had his first hair cut a few weeks ago. Hannah’s childhood best friend, Liz, is now a stylist, and did the honors. It was pretty fun.

Ian just before the cut, holding the spray bottle (which we later found had leaked all over him underneath the smock)

Liz sizes up her work

Ian turns cranes his neck to see a woman across the salon getting a blow-dry, as if to say, “Do you mind?”

Giving himself a round of applause afterward. He did a good job.

My apologies again for not writing more, and not writing more often. I’m trying to get the hang of managing my time better; so far, not so good…