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Relearning to Read

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

I’m Feeling: Thoughtful
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It’s been a while since I’ve read anything (other than Reader’s Digest) for fun, so I decided recently to tackle some new literature. I checked out a couple of books from the library, and tried getting through them both. My choices were Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and How I Paid for College by Marc Acito.
The former is part of my attempt to read “the classics”, as well as wanting to read the book before seeing the latest movie version of it. I haven’t finished yet, for various reasons. The latter was a fluke. I stumbled upon this book completely by accident, and I looked at it for a few moments, trying to figure out why it looked familiar. I realized that I had heard an interview with the author on the radio (maybe NPR or something… it’s hard to say – I listen to a lot of AM talk as well), and that the book was recommended as a good “summer read”. While the summer was over, the other thing I’ve been attempting to do (aside from “the classics”) is read books that are important and/or contemporarily relevant. This book fell into that second category, so to the checkout counter I went.
This book was interesting, to say the least. Incidentally, had I known the subject matter before I started, I probably would not have picked it up. But I didn’t, so I gave it a shot. It started out innocently enough, and it was a fun read. The characters were funny, and colorful, the book was certainly written in the vernacular, and the narrative was very clever. I found myself laughing out loud several times. It remindeed me of something I’d read before, not in the story line, but in the writing style and the humor.
The story was that of the coming-of-age of a New Jersey high school junior. It describes his search for his own identity, both socially and sexually. That was the angle I wasn’t necessarily anticipating. It was still a good novel, in terms of the writing and the storytelling, and I would say that, overall, it was a good read, in the same way that a book like Lolita is. However, it is perhaps not the most edifying thing I’ve ever picked up. I told Hannah there was pretty much no way that she’d like it.
The author, I found out later, is sometimes referred to as “the gay Dave Barry”, which explains why I found his writing style vaguely familiar, and enjoyed his witty approach to the story. Anyway, I don’t really know whether I’m recommending it or not, mostly I just thought it was an interesting book. In the meantime, Vladimir Nabokov is rolling in his grave for having his book compared to work by the gay Dave Barry.

Tough to Write, Sometimes…

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

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I’ve wanted to be really good about writing lately, trying to get myself to realize that a) there might be people who’d care to read it, and b) since I keep no other kind of journal, this type of thing can be helpful.
But it’s been tough, because I’ve been really lacking in the deep thought/introspection category lately. I’m not really sure why… I’ve been a little bit busy, with the holiday and all; we spent 36 hours with family over three days, which was great, but exhausting. But I don’t think that’s it, so I don’t have even a guess, really.
I’m realizing, though, that if I keep just kind of living my life on autopilot, I’m preventing myself from growing. And I hate that. Ugh.

I Dig Fraggles

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

I’m Feeling: Excited
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I cashed in my McDonald’s Best Buy bucks on Sunday, and am now the proud owner of the Complete First Season of Fraggle Rock. I’m stoked. Officially, I got it for Ian, but until he can say “Fraggle” (or some toddler translation of it), they’re all mine. I’ve opened them, but I’m still in the process of re-watching the first season of Scrubs; once I’m through with that, though (I’m on episode 20/24 and closing fast), I’m definitely gonna get my Fraggle on.
I’m sure I will post more… most likely a shining review. Until then, dance your cares away.