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Not to Put Too Fine a Point On It…

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

I’m Feeling: Amused
I’m Listening To: Ringing In My Ears – courtesy of TMBG

Just got back from another fantastic They Might Be Giants show. They played The Pageant, a smaller-scale venue in St. Louis. It was excellent. Opening act Corn Mo was way better than last I saw him (with TMBG last year).
This was my fifth Giants show, and was probably the least energetic. Still a great concert, but just not quite as boisterous. The last show I went to was at Mississippi Nights, a bar downtown. They put on a great show (see July 19, 2004 post), and in that concert played a song that was a staple of their 2004 tour – at every venue they wrote a song inspired by the venue’s atmosphere, or at least its name. They released a downloadable compilation of these songs, and tonight they played like 8 of them (they’re only about a minute-and-a-half each), with some funny readings in between.
While it was neat to see (and hear), they played about 3 or 4 too many… and the result was that the momentum of the show got slowed considerably. I hope the next time they come through they leave the venue songs on the bus.
Anyway, my boy is sleeping, my bride is tired, and I’m sitting at my computer. I need sleep. G’night.