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I Hate Spam!

Monday, October 30th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Frustrated
I’m Listening To: Home Alone on TBS

   I logged on tonight, looking to do some site maintenance, uploading pictures and what-not. I was also planning to do a quick blog entry. Imagine my frustration when I went to post, and instead found a whole crapload of blog spam. How annoying. It was seriously like 1800 messages I had to go through. Ugh. So, in order to keep people’s actual comments, I had to sort of scan the first few words of every one.
   So, I figured I’d make a request. Of the eight people who might read any of this, if you decide to post, please at least capitalize the first letter of the post. The spam messages were categorically either all caps or all lowercase. It might help more if you preceded the whole comment with a couple of hyphens.
   Anyway, all my time went to that. I’ll write my original post soon.

Let the Good Times Roll

Friday, October 13th, 2006

I’m Feeling: A Little Down
I’m Listening To: Peter GabrielSo

   So, after having the accident I mentioned a while back, I’ve been running my car in a somewhat “cosmetically wanting” state. No big deal, though, since the engine was running fine. On the way over to Hannah’s parents’ on Wednesday (the 9th) I was driving on the highway, and the wire I had used to wire my hood shut (the latch was damaged in the wreck) decided to break. Clean through. Mind you, my wiring job was still perfectly intact. But the wire gave out. Did I mention I was driving into 30mph winds?

   So, yeah the hood kind of flew up, broke the arms that are there to prop it up when you have the hood open, and smacked into the windshield. It was a little difficult to see at this point, so I laid on my horn, fumbled for my hazards, and pulled onto the shoulder. It was a little scary.
   I know I’m lucky to be alive, but I find myself a little frustrated at the whole situation. We are now down to one vehicle, as we cannot afford to repair the car, let alone replace it. And, since I don’t want to repair the windshield while there’s still risk of the hood flying open, I have to do all the repairs to the front end that need doing before I have someone come out and make that repair for me.

So, we’re looking at:

  • Replace the front clip (damaged in the first wreck)
  • Replace the radiator (got cracked in the first wreck)
  • Replace the hood (junkyard!)
  • Have the A/C repaired (hasn’t worked since before the first wreck)
  • Figure out and have fixed whatever’s causing my Check Engine light to be on (has been since well before the first wreck)
  • Fix the slow leak in my rear-driver-side tire
  • Have Dent Wizard fix the crease in the roof over the windshield (from where the hood hit it)
  • Have the windshield replaced

Exciting News…

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Awesome
I’m Listening To: Church Sermon

   I’m sitting here in the sound booth at church, admittedly not really paying attention… in my defense, I typically pay my close attention during the second service. Anyway, as I sit here, brain poised to put the emergency brake on any unexpected feedback, it occurs to me that I have not recently posted anything here. More importantly, I’ve been sitting on news for a week that I’ve been wanting to post.
   The news is that Hannah and I are once again expecting. We’re pretty excited… she’s about six weeks along. If we’re not mistaken, her due date is within a week on either side of Ian’s 2nd birthday. So that will be interesting. A fun birthday present for Ian this year, a crappy birthday-attention-usurper for the rest of his life.
   In case you were wondering, I don’t know what this means for our “family planning”. I know this is fairly soon for our second, and that this would put us on pace for about 15 kids before we’re no longer able. While many have asked if we’re going to go to try for a big family (especially knowing that Hannah is one of 10 kids), the jury is still out on that. I’ve never really been a “full quiver” kind of guy, but we’re just waiting to see where God takes it.

On the Road

Monday, September 25th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Relaxed, Already…
I’m Listening To: Scrubs, Season 2

We’ve just pulled out from a BP station near DeSoto, Mississippi, and are on our way further south toward Jackson, whereabouts we’ll make the bend southwest to Dauphin Island. We’re making ridiculous time. We built in a bunch of extra time for our sister-in-law Brittney, who’s pregnant, to be able to get out and walk around every hour or so, but she hasn’t used probably half of her breaks. So, we were originally expecting to average around 50-60 miles per hour, and now, not quite five hours into the trip, we’ve made it more than 330. We’re going to need an exceptionally long breakfast, brunch, or lunch stop to even this out, or else we’re going to be just hanging out, waiting until 3:00 this afternoon, when we can check into the house.
Ah, the house. Can I tell you how excited I am about this place? It’s pretty unbelievable. I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t know how close we’ll be to the actual water, but who really cares? It can’t be that far, and a little distance might actually be a good thing. I’ve brought my guitar, and am looking forward to having some time to sit on the beach and play, and possibly write. Who knows? If I get something I think is good enough, maybe I’ll post it here.

Another First for Ian

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Good
I’m Listening To: Cake – Cool Blue Reason

   Aside from this song running through my head for the last 36 hours until I finally listened to it (if for no other reason than to cleanse my mind of it), things have been pretty good. We’re getting ready for a week vacation to the Gulf Shores area, and things at work are finally starting to level out a little. The first couple weeks of classes are definitely some of the craziest there are.
   In other news, we’ve had a first in the Haefele house. Ian, good baby extraordinaire, made it one year, two months, and fifteen days without ever spitting up. One time he basically spit on my mother in law… just a little saliva-ish fluid that left a spot the size of a quarter. More of a wet hiccup, really. But August 25th, at 6:24pm, he was eating dinner, drank to much from his sippy-cup, and ‘urped about 1/3 cup of stuff back up onto his shirt.
   This has been pretty cool. At this rate, he’ll only have vomited 4 times by the time he’s 5 years old. I’m looking forward to that.

Crazy Times

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Decent
I’m Listening To: Psych on TV

My work has been insane the last few weeks. We’ve been in the process of updating, expanding, and improving our office, plus we’ve been changing out the laptops of 85 of our staff. All of this and the two guys with whom I work most closely have both been on vacation this week, so it’s been even more hectic. The perk of all of this (eat your heart out, Danny, if you read this) is that I now get to do my work on a 3-day old MacBook. This thing is stinkin’ awesome. Good times.
In other news, Ian is still awesome. He had his first hair cut a few weeks ago. Hannah’s childhood best friend, Liz, is now a stylist, and did the honors. It was pretty fun.

Ian just before the cut, holding the spray bottle (which we later found had leaked all over him underneath the smock)

Liz sizes up her work

Ian turns cranes his neck to see a woman across the salon getting a blow-dry, as if to say, “Do you mind?”

Giving himself a round of applause afterward. He did a good job.

My apologies again for not writing more, and not writing more often. I’m trying to get the hang of managing my time better; so far, not so good…

Old Book, Old Problem

Monday, June 26th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Good
I’m Listening To: The clicking of mice and tapping of keyboards as I substitute for a co-worker’s computer fundamentals class.

I recently re-read a book I read in high school, entitled Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer.
The book is a detailed, first-person account of the disaster on Mt. Everest in 1996. The book was assigned to all SLUH students and staff to read over the summer. It’s a decent, and really, pretty fascinating read. There are a lot of interesting aspects to what happened on that mountain that year. And while as many people died as did, it’s not a totally depressing read.
As the book was written by a journalist, and he wanted to relate situations, occurrences, and conversations as accurately as possible, I do kind of wonder at the fact that it was assigned to students at a Catholic high school. The book uses the “f-word” a bunch of times, all in quoting conversation, which, I suppose isn’t such a critically huge deal. There are some allusions to some somewhat illicit relationships both on and off the mountain, which again raise an eyebrow. I’m probably being a little over-the-top here, but it does bug me a little that nobody could find a book that tells a good story and challenges the intellect, but doesn’t require foul language to do it.
I’m also being a bit hypocritical here, as I will often ignore obvious problems with movies in light of them being good artistic statements. A good example of this is Reservoir Dogs, a movie I liked a lot, but which is pretty much built on language and violence. Another obvious one is Boogie Nights, a movie I saw before I became a Christian, which I’ll likely never see again, but which, if pressed, I have to admit was a pretty excellent film, artistically/dramatically speaking. I feel like I’m rambling, so I’m going to bail out on this one. Have a good one, all.

Reality TV And Me

Monday, June 26th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Amused
I’m Listening To: Hogan Knows Best on CMT

Hannah and I happened upon a marathon of “Hogan Knows Best” on CMT a couple of nights ago. I’d never seen the show, although I do have some vague recollection of hearing it mentioned, probably on morning talk radio. Anyway, we watched a couple episodes.
Now, while I don’t go in much for reality TV (although I did like The Mole, American Chopper, Monster Garage, Monster House, Oblivious, and we love the pseudo-reality The Office), I have to say I got a real kick out of this show. It’s pretty much just a documentary of Hulk Hogan‘s family life, but it’s stinkin’ funny. He’s really a pretty grounded guy – while there tends to be kind of an anything-goes attitude around the house, he comes down on his kids sternly when they screw up. He also at least appears to be a very devoted husband. He and his wife have been married 22+ years (one of the episodes revolved around their anniversary), and they seem to have a lot of love for each other.
When I first heard about this show, I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes, convinced it was going to be a crappy knock-off of the already-super-crappy The Osbournes. Not so – if you get the chance, check it out. While this won’t be one we’ll stay home for, or tape if we’re going to miss (after all, it comes on opposite The 4400), it was a pleasant surprise in a quick channel-surfing.

Sorry So Careless…

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Out-Of-Touch
I’m Listening To: Nickel Creek – This Side

My goodness! It has been entirely too long since I’ve written here. I apologize to both of you. I don’t really have any excuse; other than the typical “been busy”. I would like to commit publicly, though, that I’ll post quite a bit in the near future. I’ve really missed the outlet blogging provides.
A lot’s been going on in our family:
  1. We figured out our budget
  2. We experienced a minor financial crisis (See #1)
  3. I had extremely minor “surgery”
  4. Hannah found out she’ll likely need pretty major surgery
  5. I went to see They Might Be Giants for my 6th time
  6. My car insurance expired
  7. I got in a minor car accident
  8. I got two traffic tickets (See #’s 6 & 7)
  9. We experienced a major financial crisis (See #’s 6 – 8)
  10. Hannah and I began reading a book together
  11. I had a really amazing dream
  12. We got our tax refund, and it was bigger than expected, but immediately shrunk significantly (See #9)
  13. Spring television show seasons ended
  14. We’ve begun talking a lot more in the evenings (See #13)
  15. We went to see X-Men III
  16. I went to traffic court (See #8)
  17. I’ve grown spiritually
  18. I read a novel
  19. Ian had a birthday
  20. I had a really rough week at work
  21. We had a birthday party for Ian
  22. I’ve realized I love my wife more than I thought I did before (All of the above)
So, with that, I’ll begin drafting my next post…

Not My Fault

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

I’m Feeling: Amused
I’m Listening To: Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Way It Is

I’m going to be accused of preferring “toilet” humor, but it’s not my fault that these things happen to me. Similar to my previous experience at McDonald’s, I was at lunch at Sonic yesterday with my coworker, Jon, and he had his (crappy-camera)-phone at the ready as soon as we saw this:

That’s a pretty bold statement from a suit company.